Chronology of Entomology at Clemson

1889 Clemson College established

1890 SC Experiment Station is moved from Columbia to Clemson

1897 Ernest Walker named as first Entomologist for the SC Experiment Station

1900 Entomology Division established at Clemson

1907 Division changed to the Department of Entomology

1914 Clemson awarded B.S. degrees in Entomology

1934 W. C. Nettles, first Extension Entomologist

1949 Entomology merged with Zoology - Department of Entomology and Zoology

1954 First M.S. Entomology Degree

1962 First Ph.D. Entomology Degrees

1964 Clemson College becomes Clemson University

1969 Entomology & Zoology spilt to form Entomology & Economic Zoology, Zoology is moved to the College of Sciences

1980 Entomology & Economic Zoology became Entomology, Fisheries & Wildlife

1985 Entomology became Department of Entomology

1999 Entomology loses B.S degree program

2003 Entomology Department merged with the Departments of: Plant Pathology & Physiology, Crop & Soil Environmental Science, plus selected members of the Department of Horticulture to become Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences

2011 Entomology program merged with eight other departments within the School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences. Departmental status lost, only the M.S. & PhD degrees remain.