Volume 33 articles

Hossam F. Abou-Shaara - Evaluation of Non-Chemical Traps for Management of Wax Moth Populations within Honey Bee Colonies

J. M. Owoyemi, A. O. Adiji, and J. T. Aladejana - Resistance of Some Indigenous Tree Species to Termite Attack in Nigeria

Philip Meade, Alfa L. Abate, Jason Pavo, Anna K. Yeung-Cheung, and Christopher J. Pappas - A Novel Ex Vivo Bioassay Suggests DEET is an Effective Repellent of Rhipicephalus Sanguineus

Chelsea L. Tietjen, Thomas E. Hunt, Daniel D. Snow, David A. Cassada, and Blair D. Siegfried - Method Development for Monitoring Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotomatrifurcata (Forster)(Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae), Susceptibility to Thiamethoxam Seed Treatments on Soybeans.