Award for Excellence in Entomology

The J.H. Cochran Award for Excellence in Entomology is designed to honor an individual who has demonstrated excellence throughout a dedicated career in entomology or who has made an outstanding contribution to entomology. Eligibility is restricted to non-student members of the South Carolina Entomological Society (SCES). The award is to be made every three (3) years and will be presented to the awardee by the President of the SCES at the Society's annual meeting.
The award will consist of the following:

Every third year, the President of the SCES shall choose a special six-member Awards Committee, including the chair, that will evaluate nomination packets and choose the recipient of the Award. The Awards Committee will include one representative from the following areas: a) extension, b) graduate student c) industry d) regulatory e) research f) teaching. The President will then solicit nominations from the membership. Any non-student member of the SCES who has demonstrated excellence in entomology is eligible. Each NOMINATION must be accompanied by a supporting packet that includes the following items:

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