44th Annual Meeting Minutes

Cypress Gardens, Moncks Corner, SC

October 11-12, 1998

The meeting was called to order by President Peter Adler at 1:00. The minutes from the 43rd annual meeting were distributed. The minutes were approved. Committee reports followed.

Local arrangements

1. Dwight Williams and Mike Jackson welcomed the group to Cypress Gardens. Tours of the gardens and facilities were available to anyone in the group. Everyone was encourage to walk throughout the gardens and gift shop. Canoes are available for swamp tours. The Monday evening BBQ was catered by Sticky Fingers of Mount Pleasant. The awards luncheon was a catered sandwich buffet by Heavenly Ham.

Program notes

1. The first poster was canceled. A note was made that there are more posters than ever before at the meeting. The 25th paper has corrections - The fire ant talk canceled and has been replaced by Mitchell Roof and Fran Arnette.

2. There are 27 papers scheduled.

Honor and Awards Committee

1. There was discussion from committee chairman, Jay Chapin, about the possibility of awarding two scholarships associated with the Cochran Award. It was the feeling of the committee that this would dilute the prestige of the award, therefore there will only be one Cochran Award.

2. A motion was made to raise the monetary awards for Best Student Paper and Best Student Poster to $100.00 each. Currently the awards are $50.00 each. There was no discussion. The motion was seconded and carried.

J. H. Cochran Scholarship Award - Mohammed Khan

Best Graduate Student Paper - Deborah Brickle

Best Undergraduate Paper -

Best High School Paper -

Best Poster - Ozlem Kallar

Best Non-student Paper - John McCreadie

Membership Committee

1. No report.

Publicity Committee

1. The annual meeting was publicized widely as shown by the number and variety of news media sources. A list follows: The State, the Florence Morning News, the Pee Dee Times, the Aiken Standard, the Post and Courier (who also sent a reporter), SCETV, all local radio and television stations.

2. Notice of the meeting was mailed to all members and entomologists located in the state.

Auditing Committee

1. Jerry Carner examined the books and found them to be in good order.

Historical Committee

1. Historian, Ben Kissam, could not attend the meeting. Ben sent word that he would appreciate if someone would like to step in and take over the job.

Editorial Committee

1. Editor, Julie Todd, was unable to attend, but she sent a copy of the report to Paula Mitchell. Copies of the report are filed.

2. A new editor, David Weaver from Montana State University will take over for Julie Todd after the October JAE is printed. John McCreadie replaces Joe Culin as one of the subject editors.

Treasurers report

1. A motion was made to increase dues for students and professionals. Much discussion followed. The motion was amended to increase dues for professionals to $30.00 per year. The student dues remain $15.00

Nominating Committee

1. This committee report will be made at the final business meeting on Tuesday.

The Committee reports were concluded at this time.

Other Business

1. John Morse made an announcement concerning the WWW site at Clemson. A "virtual" tour of the insect museum is now available.

The web address is: entweb.clemson.edu/museum/

2. Paula Mitchell asked for discussion about changing the name of the Journal of Agricultural Entomology to the Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology. The Urban and Structural symposium issue of the JAE was one of the the best selling issues ever. All subject editors are in favor of a name change. After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded. The motion carried. After the first of the year the journal will be known as the Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology. The topics will include the traditional types of papers that have always been in the JAE as well as urban entomology to include nursery, lawn and structural entomology.

3. Jay Chapin, chair of the Honor and Awards Committee, lead discussion of the possibility of increasing the amount of the Cochran Scholarship Award. After much discussion, a motion was made that the Honor and Awards Committee investigate the possibility that the award be increased. The motion was seconded and carried. The incoming Honor and Awards Committee will investigate the possibility.

4. A discussion about encouraging more industry representatives to become involved in the SC Entomological Society. Jay Chapin said he had a list of industry folks and would provide that list to the president-elect and the meeting chair.

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