45th Annual Meeting Minutes

Pee Dee REC, Florence, SC

November 16-17 1999

The meeting was called to order by President Ron Burnett at 1:00.

An invocation was given by John Morse.

There were 37 attendees - 10 guest and 27 members present.

The president called for the minutes from the 44rd annual meeting (published on the web site) to be summarized by Randy McWhorter. The minutes were approved.

Committee reports followed:

Auditing Committee

Gerry Carner examined the books and found them to be in good order.

Historical Committee

Mike Hood currently has the most comprehensive collection of the Society's historical records located at the Cherry Farm for member review. Mike has checked with Ben Kissam, the past historian and Peter Adler, the past president to attain materials for inclusion in the history book.

Honors and Awards Committee

Jay Chapin, committee chairman presented:

The Awards Committee was charged with determining, in conjunction with the Secretary / Treasurer, whether the Cochran Scholarship could be increased from the current $ 1,000 level to $1500.

Article I. Section 4. of the S. C. Entomological Society Bylaws states that no more than 80 % of the annual interest from the J. H. Cochran Memorial Fund shall be distributed to awardees.

Between 1996 - 1998, the total interest earned was $8709.99 and therefore, the allowable payout over a three-year period would be: $6967.99 (8709.99 x 0.8).

Our current award expenditures over a three-year period are:
$3000 Cochran Scholarships
$2000 Triennial Cochran Excellence in Entomology Award
$ 300 Best Student Papers
$ 300 Best Student Posters
$5600 Current Total

Increasing the Cochran Scholarship to $1500 annually would increase the three-year payout to $7100. Therefore we can not increase the award to $1500 at this time.

Apparently the Cochran student Scholarship funds are now indistinguishable from the funding established for the Triennial Cochran Excellence in Entomology Award. The Awards Committee Chair and Secretary / Treasurer want to make the membership aware of this fact.

The Awards Committee report was be completed at the Awards Ceremony.

Treasurer's report

Randy McWhorter, Secretary/Treasurer presented a powerpoint presentation of the Treasurer's, and Cochran report.

Membership Committee

Joe Culin, Chairperson was not in attendance and no report was given.

Publicity Committee

The announcement of the 45th annual meeting of the SC Entomological Society was sent to the following news media; the State, Florence Morning News, Orangeburg Times & Democrat, Pee Dee Times, Bamberg Advertiser/Herald, Barnwell Sentinel, Aiken Standard, Post & Courier, and Inside Clemson. The announcement read as follows:


The annual meeting of the South Carolina Entomological Society will be held November 16-17, 1999 at the Clemson University Pee Dee Research and Education Center. Registration will begin on Tuesday November 16th at noon, and the meeting will conclude with the Awards Luncheon at noon on Wednesday. Scientific presentations will include topics in agricultural, medical, and urban entomology. Registration fee after November 1st is $21.00 for students and $31.00 for non-students. You may submit checks payable to S.C. Entomological Society, Inc., Randy McWhorter, Secretary Treasurer, 111 Long Hall, Box 340365, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina 29634-0365. For further information: contact Dr. Don Manley or Ms. Fran Arnette, Pee Dee Research and Education Center, (843) 662-3526 or Dr. Gloria S. McCutcheon, Coastal Research and Education Center, (843) 766-3761.


Sam Turnipseed: Be it resolved that we have a good meeting.

Local arrangements

Mitchell Roof and Fran Arnette were our planners and host. The Tuesday evening was catered by Starfire's. The awards luncheon was a catered by Roger's Bar-B-Q.

Nominating Committee

This committee report will be made at the final business meeting on Wednesday.

Business Manager's report

Randy McWhorter, business manager gave a powerpoint presentation of the JAUE account and a journal cost analysis.

Editor's report

Randy McWhorter gave a web page presentation of the data that David Weaver, the editor from Montana State University compiled for 1999 (http://entweb.clemson.edu/scesweb/erpd.htm).

The Committee reports were concluded.

Other Business

At the editor's request, Randy McWhorter brought forth a motion that the JAUE produce a "slick" double-sided single-page promotional advertisement to be mailed to agencies and institutions. The motion was seconded by John Morse and passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Closed the Business Meeting at 1:38 P.M.

Presentations began at 2:00 P.M. on 16 November.
Presentations concluded at 11:20 A.M. 17 November.

Appreciations 11:30 17 November

Ron Burnett thanked the many individuals and committee groups that organized the 45th annual Meeting.

Location 2000 decision

Four sites: Florence, Hickory Knob, Sand Hill REC, and Charleston, were suggested as locations for our 46th Annual Meeting in 2000.

There was some discussion: suggestions of joint meetings with GA and NC. A motion was made that we investigate a joint meeting with GA - John Morse will explore the possibilities. A motion was made that we have the 46th meeting in Charleston - seconded by John Morse. A vote was taken and there was a unanimous decision to conduct our next meeting in Charleston.

Merle Shepard was asked and accepted the responsibility to chair the Charleston local arrangements committee.


Sam Turnipseed presented:

Whereas our president, program chair, local arrangements, and the Pee Dee REC staff have done such a good job, even thought the facilities caused several speakers to have cricks in their respective necks... Be it hereby resolved that we thank them by a round of applause.

Whereas our Secretary/Treasurer, Randy McWhorter has done such an exceptional job... Be it resolved that we thank him with similar applause.

Whereas our students have done such an exceptional job in their research and presentations that make us look good... Be it hereby resolved that we give them a standing ovation!

Finally, whereas the CU-Campus faculty have been negligent in presenting papers at this meeting... Be it hereby resolved that the rest of us encourage them to do a bit better at our next meeting.


Mitch Roof, chairperson presented the following:
Paula Mitchell as vice president
Randy McWhorter as Secretary/Treasurer

No further nominations were submitted. Each nominee was selected by a unanimous vote of approval.

Awards Ceremony

Presented by Ron Burnett, President:

Best High School Paper - Mary Ellen Player
Best Undergraduate Paper - Dan Riethmiller
Best Poster - Amanda L. Dunlap
Best Graduate Student Paper - Will K. Reeves
Best Professional Paper - Gloria McCutcheon

Introduced by Jay Chapin, awards committee chairman
J. H. Cochran Scholarship Award - Will K. Reeves

Introduced by Ron Burnett, president
J. H. Cochran Excellence in Entomology Award - Peter H. Adler

Peter Adler gave a speech titled: "Is There a Gene Associated with Entomologist?"

Transition of office

President, Ron Burnett called Don Manley forward and signified the transition of office by passing gavel the symbol responsibility of office to Don Manley.

Don Manley assumed his new responsibility of president. He then recognized Ron Burnett with a token of appreciation by presenting him a plaque recognizing his term as President of the South Carolina Entomological Society.


The 45th Annual Meeting was concluded with our traditional luncheon that started at 12:10 P.M. 17 November 1999.

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