46th Annual Meeting Minutes

46th Annual Meeting
2-3 November 2000
Preliminary Business Meeting
Call to order. The meeting was called to order by President Don Manley at 1 PM on 2 November . Nineteen people were present, including 3 guests. Mike Hood gave the invocation.

Minutes. Copies of the minutes of the 45th Annual Meeting were circulated. A motion for approval was made by John Morse, and seconded by Mike Hood; approval was unanimous.

Treasurer's report. Don Manley presented the financial report for Randy McWhorter. For the period 10-31-99 through 10-28-00.

A motion to approve the treasurer's report was made by John Morse, seconded by Mitch Roof, and approved unanimously.

Committee reports.
Program. Paula Mitchell reported that the program for the 46th annual meeting consisted of 23 papers and three posters, and commended the Clemson graduate students for their response to the call for papers. The meeting program this year was changed by the printers from the traditional 4"x 9" format to 5 " x 8 ".
Local arrangements. Merle Shepard described the facilities and accommodations at the Sands Ocean Club Resort
Auditing. Al Wheeler reported that the SCES affairs are in good order, and he commended Randy McWhorter for his conscientious and dedicated work on behalf of the Society
Historian. Mike Hood reported that he is presently developing a history of entomology in South Carolina, building on the work of his predecessors, and made a request for input and assistance from the membership.
Membership. Randy Griffin reported that letters have been sent out to delinquent members. Randy McWhorter will track the response to these letters. Laurie Reed contacted Clemson students.
Publicity. Don Manley presented the report for Gloria McCutcheon. Numerous television stations and newspapers were contacted and informed of the SCES Annual Meeting.
Nominations, Awards, and Resolutions committees had no report at this time.

Old Business.

Changes to constitution and by-laws. Members present who had not voted by mail ballot were invited to vote by paper ballot. One member opted to take advantage of this opportunity. Results will be announced at the final business meeting. Discussion ensued regarding the question of the Society's tax-free status and federal ID number. Don Manley reviewed the history of this situation and referred the members to the information sheet that accompanied the mail ballot.

Joint meeting. Paula Mitchell, program chair, reported that SCES will hold a joint meeting with the Georgia Entomological Society, April 4-6, 2001, in Gainesville, Ga.. A block of 20 rooms has been reserved for SCES at the Georgia Mountain Center and Best Western Hotel.

New business.

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology. Due to the absence of Randy McWhorter, the editor's report and the business manager's report for the Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology were not presented. Some discussion ensued regarding the rate of processing of manuscripts and the fact that issues this year were running late. Don Manley and Paula Mitchell noted that Editor Weaver had recently replaced two subject editors, and the new editors were now receiving and processing manuscripts. This change should considerably improve manuscript turnaround time. Production delays are due at least partially to a change in printers (Sheridan Press) and this situation also is expected to improve.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM.

Presentations began at 2 PM on 2 November 2000, and concluded at 11:10 AM on 3 November 2000. Changes to the printed program were as follows:
The paper by M. Shepard and R. Hassell, scheduled for presentation at 11:03 on 3 November, was moved to 4:45 on 2 November. The paper scheduled for presentation by M. Sullivan was given by S. G. Turnipseed. The paper scheduled for presentation by J. W. Chapin was given by James S. Thomas.
At the conclusion of the presentations, Don Manley thanked the projectionists, the speakers, and the members and committees involved in organizing the 46th annual meeting.

Final Business Meeting
Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 AM on 3 November, immediately following the conclusion of the paper presentations, with 25 members present.
Meeting location. Three suggestions were put forward for the 47th annual meeting: Greenville, Sand Hills (Columbia), and the Madren Center (Clemson). The consensus of the members was that a central or upstate location would be preferred, as previous meetings had been in the coastal region for several years. The Board will consider these options and select a location.

Presentation format. The question of providing computer and projection equipment for PowerPoint presentations was extensively discussed. This year, the call for papers specified only the traditional 2 x 2 slide format; nonetheless, computers and projectors were provided by the speakers themselves and the Local Arrangements chair, and many of the presentations were computer-based. A motion was proposed by Mitch Roof, seconded by Powell Smith, to officially sanction both types of presentations at our next annual meeting, and to revise the call for papers form accordingly. Speakers would indicate on the submission form which format they preferred. The motion carried unanimously. Paula Mitchell noted that the availability of PowerPoint equipment at the joint Georgia meeting would depend on how many concurrent sessions were being held, and could not be guaranteed; speakers should be prepared to bring back-up equipment to this meeting if necessary.

Committee reports.

Resolutions Committee. Dwight Williams presented four resolutions, as follows:

Whereas, our president, program chair, and local arrangements committee have put together a great program at a beautiful location;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That we thank them with hearty applause.

Whereas, students have once again carried the meeting with quality presentations;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That we thank them, too, with a round of applause.

Whereas, several of our members were unable to attend because of illness or family deaths;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the attendees keep these members in their thoughts and prayers.

Whereas, the society will have our first joint meeting with the Georgia Entomological Society in several years in 2001;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the membership attend in number, and students and non-students alike present papers that reflect well on our society.

Nominating Committee. Don Manley presented the report of the nominating committee for Ron Burnett. The committee recommended that Mike Hood serve as historian for a third year; that Randy McWhorter serve as Secretary for a third year; and that Gloria McCutcheon serve as Vice-President. There were no nominations from the floor. Sam Turnipseed moved that the nominations be closed, seconded by Mitch Roof. The nominees were elected by a unanimous vote of approval. Don Manley noted that due to the forthcoming change in the constitution and by-laws, there would be a change in the procedure for nominations and elections next year.

Constitution and by-laws change. Final results of the vote were tallied, and all three proposed changes passed. Results were as follows: revision of the constitution: 27 for, 1 against; revision of the by-laws: 28 for, 0 against; joining the Clemson Foundation: 26 for, 2 against.

New Business. Discussion ensued regarding the ramifications of SCES joining the Clemson Foundation, particularly the stipulation that any payouts would be restricted to "benefit Clemson University". John Morse proposed a motion that the Society continue to review options to locate a non-profit organization or foundation that is less restrictive, and would allow us to distribute income potentially to any member of the Society. Dwight Williams seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Sam Turnipseed requested that the Board of Directors consider ending faculty awards and instead increase allocations to graduate student awards, or allow such awards to profit the whole Society, rather than a single individual.

Transition of office. Paula Mitchell was escorted to the podium and received the gavel, representing the responsibility of the presidency, from Don Manley. The meeting was then adjourned at noon.

Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. The traditional Awards Luncheon was held at noon. Following the meal, Mitch Roof, awards committee chair, and Don Manley presented the awards for best presentations.

Best Undergraduate Paper Robert Mitchell
Best Graduate Paper Rebecca Ridge
Best Graduate Poster Mumuni Abudulai
Best Non-student Paper James Thomas

The J.H. Cochran Scholarship Award was presented by Mitch Roof and Don Manley to Michelle Colacicco.

Finally, Paula Mitchell presented Don Manley with a plaque, recognizing his service as President, with the gratitude of the Society.

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