47th Annual Meeting Minutes

5-6 April 2001

Preliminary Business Meeting

Call to order. The meeting was called to order by President Paula Mitchell at 8:15 AM on 5 April. Fifteen people were present.
Minutes. The minutes of the 46th Annual Meeting were introduced and have been posted on the web site (http://entweb.clemson/scesweb) since 15 November 2000. A motion for approval was made by Mitchell Roof, and seconded by Don Manley; approval was unanimous.

Treasurer's report. Randy McWhorter presented the financial report. For the period 10-31-00 through 3-31-01. A motion to approve the treasurer's report was made by Merle Shepard, seconded by Allen Mackenzie, and approved unanimously.

Committee reports.

Program. Paula Mitchell reported that the program for the 47th annual meeting consisted of 14 (11 faculty; 3 student) papers and three student posters. There was little student participation due to the recent SEB meeting and class schedules. The program was produced by the GES.

Local arrangements. Al Wheeler stated that the GES, our host made all arrangements.

Auditing. Al Wheeler reported that the SCES affairs are in good order as of November and the annual audit would be due in the 4th quarter of 2001.

Awards. Mitchell Roof reported that David Alverson, a committee member would not be present thus Dwight Williams and Don Manley would help evaluate the posters and presentations.

Editor. David Weaver reported:
1. Currently, JAUE 17(4) is being mailed out by Sheridan Press.
2. JAUE 18(1) is with the printer and the galleys should be mailed to the authors shortly.
3. Ten manuscripts have been submitted thus far for 2001.
4. An ongoing concern has been the number of printer-introduced errors in the published issues. This problem discussed with the printer. The solution has been to send the initial issue packet to a sister division of the same printer, and they will be responsible for quality control. Issue 18(1) will be the first under these new procedures.
5. Weaver's first term as Editor will end in November. He would like to be relieved, thus search for a new Editor should begin.
6. Appreciation is expressed for support of free annual memberships for subject editors for the journal. These editors are widespread throughout the country, and the membership provides a recognition for the valuable voluntary service that they perform. The editorial committee unanimously passed this motion which was then passed by the Board.
7. Concern has been expressed regarding our page and typesetting charges. McWhorter and Weaver have researched JAUE charges and find that they are similar to those for several other publications. It is unlikely that we can afford to lower our page charges at this time, but is open to discussion.

Historian. Mike Hood reported that he is presently developing a history of entomology in South Carolina, building on the work of his predecessors, and made a request for input and assistance from the membership.

Membership. Merle Shepard reported there are 143 members in good standing.

Nominations. Don Manley reported that the new election process went smoothly. There were 43 ballots cast from the 143 mail-outs. The newly elected officers are: Al Wheeler for Vice President; Eric Benson for Secretary; Mike Hood for Historian.

Publicity. Paula Mitchell presented the report for Peter Adler. Newspapers, including the local Gainesville Times were contacted. Clemson's Public Information Coordinator was also notified. Adler coordinated with Ron Oetting who contacted the local Chamber of Commerce. The local Chamber of Commerce opened the joint meeting.

Resolutions. No report at this time.

Old Business.

Merger with Clemson Foundation. Randy McWhorter reported. Dot Burchfield has been contacted numerous times although nothing has been accomplished to date. (Burchfield's Mother has been ill and Dot has not had the time to address the possibility of the SCES joining the CU Foundation) Dot believes that there is a distinct possibility that this merger can take place.

New business.

Executive Director. Paula Mitchell announced: "We have had comments and discussion, all highly positive, regarding Randy McWhorter's offer to serve as Executive Director. A nomination was made to appoint Randy McWhorter as the Executive Director of the SCES, effective when his term as secretary is completed (April 2001). Seconded by Don Manley. The motion was passed unanimously.

A drawing for Door Prizes was conducted.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 AM.


Presentations began at 9 AM on 5 April 2001 (see program).

5 PM Linnaean Games
7PM Dinner Banquet
8:30 PM Student Awards Ceremony.
Following the meal, Mitch Roof, awards committee chair, and Paula Mitchell presented the awards for best presentations.

Best Graduate Paper: Tatyana Vshivkova

Best Graduate Poster: Ozlem Kalkar

The J.H. Cochran Scholarship Award was presented by Mitch Roof and Paula Mitchell to J. Powell Smith in absentia.
Presentations (continued)

Presentations resumed at 8 AM on 6 April 2001 (see program).

Final Business Meeting

Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 AM on 6 April immediately following the conclusion of the paper presentations.
Awards. Best Non-Student Paper award was presented by Mitch Roof and Paula Mitchell to David Weaver

Meeting location. Three suggestions were put forward for the 48th annual meeting: Greenville, Sand Hills (Columbia), and the Madren Center (Clemson). The consensus of the (Board previously on 11-17-00) members was the Fall 2002 Annual Meeting would be held at Sand Hill REC.

Committee reports.

Resolutions Committee. Dwight Williams presented two resolutions, as follows:

Whereas, an informative, enjoyable meeting has been hosted by the Georgia Entomological Society;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the members of the South Carolina Entomological Society heartily thank our host for their kindness, hospitality, and organization.

Whereas, the members are to be commended for their quality and number of presentations due to student absences;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That we thank our presenters, the students that were able to attend, and the Linnaean Games Team. They are all to be commended for their excellent posters, papers, and the Linnaean Games Team effort. Congratulations on a fine performance.

Transition of office. Gloria McCutcheon was escorted to the podium and received the gavel, representing the responsibility of the presidency, from Paula Mitchell. The meeting was then adjourned at noon.
Finally, Gloria McCutcheon presented Paula Mitchell with a plaque, recognizing her service as President, with the gratitude of the Society.

The 47th Annual Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 AM.

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