48th Annual Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting of the SC Entomological Society
Oct 10, 2002
Holiday Inn on Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC

Call to order. President McCutcheon called the general business meeting of the South Carolina Entomological Society to order at 105 PM on October 10, 2002 with 31 members present. An invocation was given by Dave Alverson.
Minutes. Copies of the minutes of the 47th Annual SCES Meeting were circulated. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Merle Shepard. The motion was seconded by Mac Horton and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Financial report. Executive Director Randy McWhorter provided a written financial report to the assembly. A motion was made by Don Manley to accept the report as presented. The motion was seconded by Pat Zungoli and the report was unanimously approved.

Committee Reports

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology Report. Dr. Thomas Shanower was announced as the new JAUE editor was made. The goal of having volume 19 published by the end of 2002 was mentioned to put the journal back on schedule.

Nominations Committee. Don Manley, Mitchell Roof and John Morse were on the committee. Chairman Manley reported on the nominations and new officers for the SCES. Nominations included Al Wheeler for President; Mac Horton and William Wills as Vice President; Eric Benson for Secretary and Mike Hood for Historian. Al Wheeler was elected president, Mac Horton vice president, Eric Benson secretary, and Mike Hood historian.

Program Committee. Program chair Al Wheeler reported that the program for the 48th Annual SCES Meeting consisted of three poster presentations, 13 ten-minute papers, and the symposium on "Natural History of the Sandhills." Well-known naturalist Rudy Mancke and six other speakers were part of the nearly three-hour symposium.

Local Arrangements. Powell Smith reported that everything for the meeting was in order and he enjoyed arranging the meeting and serving the Society.

Auditing Report. The report approved by the board in the preliminary meeting was read by Eric Benson.

Membership Report. Chairman Merle Shepard reported that the Society currently has an overall total of 207 members and that recruitment efforts would be made with selected entomology departments.

Publicity. Committee chair Pat Zungoli reported that 12 institutions were contacted concerning the 48th SCES Annual Meeting as well as print and other news media sources.

Ad hoc Committee on J. H. Cochran Award for Excellence. No report at this time.

Historian. Mike Hood reported that he is compiling the history of entomology of SC. Tim Drake has been recruited to help compile information. Mike would appreciate any information on the SCES history.

Old Business. Filing for tax-exempt status with the IRS was discussed. The assembly was informed that the SCES now has a new Tax payer identification number. A CPA firm, McKinley Cooper, has been employed to help with the filing of form 1023 and 990 tax form. Once filed, the IRS will decide if the Society will be granted non-profit status.

No other old business was brought forward.

New Business. Paula Mitchell led a discussion on the meeting location for next year. The Madren Center at Clemson was mentioned as a possible location. It has been several years since the Society held an annual meeting in Clemson. Will Reeves commented that Clemson graduate student involvement has been low at recent meetings and that Clemson may be a good location to improve student participation. The Sandhills REC, the new Coastal REC , the Pee Dee REC and the new Baruch Center in Georgetown were also discussed as possible meeting locations. A motion was made by Jay Chapin to hold the 2003 SCES meeting in Clemson. The motion was seconded by Don Manley. The motion was unanimously approved. No local arrangements chair, committee, dates or exact location in Clemson were identified during the meeting. (After the meeting, Eric Benson and Jackie Ellis were selected to do the local arrangements for the 49th annual meeting). The facilities selected for the meeting will depend on availability and costs.

By general discussion, it was also decided to plan for the 2004 meeting and continue to have meeting locations identified two years in advance. An unofficial vote was taken to make the Baruch Center a second option for the 2003 SCES meeting if the Clemson location does not work out, or as the meeting site for the society in 2004. The new Coastal REC was unofficially voted as a third place and location for future meetings.

Don Manley moved that the business meeting to be adjourned. Will Reeves seconded the motion. After a unanimous vote, the general business meeting of the SCES was adjourned at 1:50 PM.

Following the conclusion of the paper sessions of the 48th Annual Meeting on October 11, awards were presented. The award winners included

Best Undergraduate Paper - Stephen Gosnell
Best Graduate Paper - Ozlem Kalkar
Best Graduate Poster - Yayi Kusumah
Best Non-student Paper - Paula Mitchell

The J. H. Cochran Scholarship Award was presented to Janet L. Kintz-Early
The J. H. Cochran Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Alfred G. Wheeler, Jr. and Dr. James A.. Rienart.

Finally, Gloria McCutcheon was presented with a plaque, recognizing her service as President, with the gratitude of the Society.

Respectfully submitted by Eric Benson

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