49th Annual Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting of the SC Entomological Society
October 3, 2003
Ramada Inn on Highway 123 & US 76
Clemson, SC

Call to order. The meeting was started 1:10 PM on October 3, 2003 by President Al Wheeler. Sixteen members and four invited guest were present.

Minutes. Rand McWhorter reported the minutes from 48th Annual Meeting had been on the web site for review for several months. No corrections or changes were made and the minutes were approved.

Executive Director's Report: Randy McWhorter reported that as of August 15, 2003, the South Carolina Entomological Society (SCES) was officially recognized as a non-profit organization. No penalties were assessed to the SCES by the IRS. Randy was recognized for his hard work to properly register the organization with the IRS. Donors to the society can now use their contributions as a tax deduction and financial reporting will go on a calendar year to be in sync with the IRS reporting requirements. Randy reported that the Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology (JAUE) was still behind schedule, but it was improving. Randy related plans to offer the JAUE through Amazon.com web site. Randy also provided a reported on the financial status of the society, reporting a deficit of over 3,000. Mike Hood made a motion to accept the Executive Director's report and Mac Horton seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Committee Reports

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology Report. Randy McWhorter reported the editor, Dr. Thomas Shanower was doing a great job, but few manuscripts were being submitted. Only 19 had been submitted this year with only six accepted to date.

Program: Mac Horton reported that we had a good program with three posters, nine invited presentations and 13 papers submitted. Mac noted that the number of submitted papers increased compared to previous years, but it was still difficult getting papers submitted.

Auditing: Jay Chapin substituted for Mike Sullivan to give the auditing report for chair Mike Sullivan. The books were reviewed and found to be in good order.

Long-range Planning: Gerry Carner presented a report prepared by the committee with members Eric Benson and Geoff Zehnder. Committee made six recommendations: 1) Expand the membership base, 2) Reach a broader audience, 3) Incorporate more activities and the annual meeting, 4) Improve communications, 5) Clarify committee responsibilities and 6) Reassess our support of the JAUE. Randy McWhorter made a motion to accept report. Mike Hood seconded the motion. The report was unanimously approved. Mac Horton also raised the idea to extend an offer to the Clemson Entomology Club and PIN members in SC to make their presidents ad hoc members of the SCES. He noted that the SCES should to be perceived as more involved with the Natural History of South Carolina and that the society could give an amateur entomology award in the future. See full report.

Historian: Mike Hood reported that Nick Butler, Archivist of the South Carolina Historical Society, offered to keep historical record of the SCES. Currently the records are a temporary loan. The board decided to make the records a permanent donation to the SCHS, making it their property. Our society has copies of the records being donated.

Honors and Awards: Chair Pat Zungoli reported that the Cochran award winner had been selected. Eric Benson, Clyde Gorsuch, and Chair Pat Zungoil composed The Cochran Committee. Presentations were judged by Eric Benson, Paula Mitchel, and Chair Pat Zungoil.

Local Arrangements: Eric Benson reported that everything for the meeting had gone well.

Membership: Jay Chapin reported that we have 105 members, down from 131 in 2002. In January, 2003, a letter was sent to all members asking them to find one new member. With that effort, 12 new members were recruited. In October, 2003, Randy McWhorter is planning to send a recent issue of JAUE to 70 entomology programs in the US in an effort to promote the journal and society.

Nomination: Mitch Roof could not be present. No report was given. Randy reported that only 4 ballots were return from the recent mailing. Jay Chapin moved to amend the by-laws such that the nominating committee provide a slate of candidates for approval by the general membership at the annual business meeting, to replace the current election process that requires the mailing of paper ballots to all members. Mac Horton seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved by the membership.

Publicity: Powell Smith could not be present. No report was given.

Resolutions: Dwight Williams reported no resolutions.

Historian: Mike Hood reported that Nick Butler, Archivist of the South Carolina Historical Society, offered to keep historical record of the SCES. Currently the records are a temporary loan. The board decided to make the records a permanent donation to the SCHS, making it their property.

No other old business was brought forward.

New business. By general discussion, newly elected president Mac Horton offered the location for the 2004, 50th SCES Annual meeting as the Sandhill REC in Columbia. A nature and collecting trip hosted by Austin Jenkins and Rudy Mancke will be planned. A history of the society and invited speakers from the past will also be invited. Mac Horton will handle local arrangements and Mike Hood will handle the program. John Morse mad a motion to hold the 50th Annual Meeting of the SCES at the The Sandhill REC. Merle Shepard seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Hearing no other business, Jay Chapin moved for the business meeting to be adjourned. Eric Benson seconded the motion. After a unanimous vote, the general business meeting of the SCES was adjourned at 1:50 PM, the board meeting was adjourned at 1:50 PM.

Following the conclusion of the paper sessions of the 49th Annual Meeting on October 3, awards were presented. The award winners included:

Amy L. Kilpatrick (MS Student) ­ Outstanding paper presentation. Title: Activity of Neonicotonoids Against Pests, Predaceous Arthropods, and Eggs of Heliothis zea in South Carolina Cotton.

Yaji Kusumah (PhD Student) ­ Outstanding student poster presentation. Title: DNA Polymerase Sequence Analysis and Host Range of Ascovirus Isolates from Indonesia and the United States.

Rolando Lopez - Non-Student Paper Award. Title: Organically Managing Thrips nigroophilus Uzel (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and Whiteflies, Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), on Medicinal Plants: Feverfew, Valerian, and Echinacea.

Ozlem Kalkar (PhD Student) ­ J. H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship.

Finally, Mac Horton presented Al Wheeler with a plaque, recognizing his service as the SCES President, with the gratitude of the Society.

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