50th Annual Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting of the SC Entomological Society
October 7, 2004
Sandhills REC Lake House,
Columbia, SC

Call to Order: President Mac Horton called the business meeting of the 50th business meeting of the SCES to order at 1:00 PM at the Sandhills Research and Education Center (REC) Lake House. Mike Hood gave the invocation. Thirty-eight members were present.

Minutes from the 49th Annual Meeting: A copy of the minutes was provided by Eric Benson. The minutes had been posted on the web site for review.

Executive Director's Report: Randy McWhorter provided the following information on the journal, finances and membership for his Executive Director's Report:

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology (JAUE) Report: The editor's report from Dr. Thomas Shanower for the JAUE was given by Randy McWhorter. Twenty-five new manuscripts were submitted this past year. Volume 20:3 was a symposium issue. Volume 21:2 is also slated to be a symposium issue. Matt Turnbull became a subject editor in 2004. Dr. Shanower/Randy McWhorter reported that the Journal still suffers from a low submission rate of quality articles, but Dr. Shanower provided a letter with the report stating that he hoped the journal would continue. Randy reported that a committee had been formed to review the status of JAUE to look at the survivability of the journal and report back to the members in 2005.

Financial Report: Randy provided a written report on the finances for the Society and the Journal. Overall net worth of the society was listed as $71,087.76.

Membership Report: Randy reported that SCES membership was at 210, down from a high of 262 from several years' ago.

Long-Range Committee: Eric Benson gave the report summarizing the 2003 committee's six recommendations: 1) expand the membership base, 2) reach a broader audience, 3) incorporate more activities at the annual meeting, 4) improve communications, 5) clarify committee responsibilities and 6) reassess our support of the JAUE. Eric stated that recommendations 2 and 3 had been accomplished for the 2004 annual meeting. Recommendation 6 was currently being addressed and recommendations 2, 3 and 5 still needed some action.

Historian: Mike Hood summarized the program looking back at the 50 year history of the Society. Mike reported that SCES meeting programs from 1968 and 1977 were missing from the records. Dr. L. H. Senn, in the audience, remarked that in 1977 the SCES met with the Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America, thus there was not a program for that year. Mike thanked all the other historians from previous years. Mike pointed out that the records were a valuable resource.

Local Arrangements: Austin Jenkins reported the hotel and caterer were set and everything was in order for the meeting.

Honors and Awards: Mac Horton reported that awards would be made during the a SCES Award's Banquet. Paula Mitchell, Dwight Williams and Joe Culin were serving as members of the committee.

Program Committee: Mike Hood gave his appreciation for everyone who was participating in the 50th Annual Meeting of the SCES. Mike reported that 19 oral presentations and 10 posters were submitted. Due to the number of presentations, only 10 minutes could be allotted for each paper.

Resoultions Committee: Mac Horton noted that a motion was made last year to amend the by-laws to allow for the election of new officers at the annual business meeting rather than by mail-in vote. Mac reported that progress was being made to address this change to the by-laws.

Auditing: No report was given.

Publicity: No report was given.

No other reports or old business was brought forward.

New Business: For the Nomination Committee, Mac Horton reported that Dwight Williams was elected as secretary, for the next three years and the new president-elect was Mike Jackson. Mac opened the floor for the nomination of a new Historian for the Society. Eric Benson was elected by acclimation for a three-year term.

The president placed Patrick McMillan before the assembly for nomination as an honorary member based on his service to the SCES. According Patrick McMillan with Honorary Membership was unanimously approved by acclamation.

Mike Hood asked for input on securing more funds to provide more support for awards. Ben Kissam recommended having a fund raiser to help with the funding.

Following the conclusion of the paper sessions of the 50th Annual Meeting on October 8, 2004, the awards were presented during the banquet in the lower level of the Sandhills REC Lake House. The award winners included:

Eric S. Paysen (PhD Student) ­ Outstanding student paper presentation. Diversity and Abundance of Appalachian Ants at Forest Edges.
Yaji M. Kusumah (PhD Student) ­ Outstanding student poster presentation. A New Strain of Spodoptera exigua Ascovirus from Indonesia.
Roger Francis ­ Non-student paper award. Control of Two-spotted Spider Mites in Strawberries with the Predatory Mites, Neoseiulus californicus and Phytoseiulus persimilis.
Erik Askea ­ (High School Student) ­ Outstanding high school paper presentation. Biological Control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Adelges tsugae with Sasjiscymnus tsugae.
Eric S. Paysen (PhD Student) ­ J. H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship.

Finally, Mike Hood presented Mac Horton with a plaque, recognizing his service as the SCES President, with the gratitude of the Society.

Respectfully Submitted by Eric Benson.

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