51st Annual Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting of the SC Entomological Society
October 13, 2005
Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center and the U.S.D.A. Vegetable Laboratory,
Charleston, SC

The membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society met for the annual business meeting at the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center and the U.S.D.A. Vegetable Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina. A quorum was present.

President Mike Hood called the meeting to order.

Dr. Jim Rushing of the Clemson Coastal Research and Extension Center, and Dr. Dick Fery of the USDA ARS welcomed the membership to the Center.

D. Michael Jackson of the local arrangements and program committees made several announcements concerning the meeting.

Hood stated that the minutes to the last meeting were on the website. Randy McWhorter moved not to read the minutes at the meeting, but to leave it to the membership to review them if they had not done so. Tim Davis seconded the motion and the membership approved with a voice vote.

Executive Director's Report: Randy McWhorter reported that the Board has met 3 times since the last business meeting. He reviewed the financial status of the Society. There is $6042.26 in the checking accountant including $2140 Cochran Fund donations. The Journal account has $2985.11 and the Cochran Fund money market account has $5530.65 and CD contains $56,759.08 for a total net worth of $71,368.39. The money required for the awards this year will exceed the interest earned on the Cochran Fund. Meeting registration totaled $940.00 with 15 active members, 6 students and 2 one-day registrations.

Paula Mitchell moved to cover the shortfall of awards money by going into the Cochran Fund principal. Don Manley seconded the motion. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Manley moved to discontinue the practice of giving away cash awards for the Excellence in Entomology award. Mitchell seconded the motion. The motion was approved by a voice vote.

McWhorter reported that The Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology is 1 year behind in publication. Volume 22:1 will be mailed out in December. There have been only 19 submissions this year. Symposia permitted the publication of Volume 21. He asked that members refer organizers of symposia to the journal. There was 1 appeal of editorial decision by an author. An ad hoc committee upheld the editor's position. The journal has changed to digital printing.

Publicity Committee: McWhorter reported that a press release about the meeting was sent through the Clemson University network and to various newspapers.
Investment Committee: McWhorter reported on the board's decision to purchase laddered CD's when the current Cochran Fund CD matures.

Membership Committee: Gloria McCutcheon reported that she has contacted 9 biology programs at colleges and universities across the state to invite faculty and students to attend the annual meeting and join the Society. She also summarized the results of her research on sustaining and corporate memberships in other societies. In light of the board's approval of investigating these new levels of membership, she moved that the society consider adding corporate and sustaining memberships. Dwight Williams seconded the motion and the membership approved by a voice cote. McCutcheon also moved that naturalist Rudy Mancke, who has participated in and supported the Society as well as promoting nature study across the state, be awarded honorary membership to the society. The membership approved. She also asked that the Society consider granting complimentary membership to students. This membership would not include a subscription to the journal.

Nominations Committee: Don Manley presented the nominees for vice president (the only open office. The nominees are Eric Benson and Joe Culin whose resumes were posted on the website. There being no further nominations from the floor, the membership voted by ballot and Eric Benson was elected as the new vice president.

Auditing Committee: Tim Davis reported that the books have been examined and have been found to be in order.

Resolutions Committee: Paula Mitchell reminded the membership that last year they approved voting for officers at the business meeting rather than by mail. Notification of elections can be via mail or Internet and constitutional amendments may be voted on by mail-in ballot or at a business meeting. The committee will propose next year to change voting to Internet as well as at the business meetings.

Historian: Mike Hood reported that he and Eric Benson have updated history files and that copies of the Society history are available to the membership.

Awards Committee: No Report.

New Business: Hood welcomed Bruce Ezell to the meeting. He also proposed the Society create a South Carolina entomology hall of fame. The board will consider this proposal. Hood presented the first copy of the history of the Society to retired entomologist and former society president and historian Ben Kissam.


Nature Walk


Meeting Reconvened October 14, 2005


A business meeting of the South Carolina Entomological Society begun October 13 was reconvened at the Clemson Research and Education Center and U.S.D.A. Vegetable Laboratory on Friday, October 14, 2005 at 1:15 pm. A quorum was present.

President Mike Hood opened the meeting.

Hood welcomed Ben and Pat Kissam and other retired entomologists to the meeting. Welcomed former graduate student Toure Thompson. Hood read the first page of the newly printed history of the society and encouraged the membership to introduce other entomologists to the Society.

Hood thanked D. Michael Jackson for his work on local arrangements and organizing the program as well as other on the local arrangements committee chaired by Merle Shepard assisted by the staff of the education center. Hood commended students who made presentations and posters. He thanked Executive Director Randy McWhorter for all of his work behind the scenes.

Resolution Committee: Paula Mitchell introduced the following resolutions:

Whereas the program and local arrangements chairs have prepared an excellent meeting,
Therefore, be it resolved: That we thank D. Michael Jackson, Merle Shepard and the staff of the Coastal Research and Education Center and the U.S. Vegetable Laboratory (USDA ARS) with hearty applause.

Whereas we are delighted to have our colleagues from North Carolina presenting at our symposium, Therefore, be it resolved: that we increase the contact between our two societies and work toward a joint meeting in the future.

Awards Committee:

Hood announced the John Morse is the recipient of the 2005 award for Excellence in Entomology given every 3 years by the Society. He was unable to attend the meeting and will accept the award and give a presentation at next year's meeting.

Pat Zungoli presented the award for non-student presentation to Toure Thompson. The student awards and $100 each for undergraduate student presentation, graduate student presentation, and poster presentation went to Nicole Bennet, Eric Paysen and Layla Burgess, respectively.

The J.H. Cochran Outstanding Graduate Student Award went to Donald Oswalt, a Ph.D. student at Clemson with a B.S. and M.S. from Auburn University and 5 years experience in pest control. He has received many other grants and awards and has served in the Society and entomology club.

Hood thanked Zungoli

McCutcheon and Manley then escorted D. Michael Jackson to the front of the room and Hood passed the gavel to him. Jackson thanked the administration of Clemson and USDA for allowing technicians to assist with meeting preparations. He thanked Donna Humian, Jim Rushing, Louise Cauthen, Jennifer Cook, Mark Schaffer, Brad Tech, and Christy Fann. Jackson then presented Hood with a plaque and gavel for his service to the Society as president.

Jackson proposed having the next annual meeting at Clemson or Hickory Knob and planning for a joint meeting with the North Carolina Entomological Society in 2007. Manley suggested the Eric Benson, the program chair, be consulted about locations.

The meeting adjourned.

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