52nd Annual Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting of the SC Entomological Society
October 2006
Hickory Knob State Park
McCormick, SC

A business meeting of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at the annual meeting October 19, 2006. A quorum was present. President D. Michael Jackson opened the meeting with prayer. He then welcomed the members and called the meeting to order. Minutes of the October 13 and 14, 2005 annual meeting were approved by a voice vote.

Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director Randy McWhorter reviewed society bank account balances and reviewed meeting expenses (see attached report).

He reported that Volume 22 (2005) of The Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology would be completed this year. He encouraged members to submit manuscripts and to assist the journal committee in obtaining symposia for publication.

McWhorter reported that membership has dropped from 164 in 2000 to 93 in 2006. Membership needs to be rejuvenated.

Local Arrangements and Program Committees

Program Chairmen Eric Benson reviewed the location and times of the cookout and banquet. He welcomed guests and announced that the talk by Rudy Mancke had been canceled. Eric Paysen will lead a nature walk and demonstrate close-up digital photography. He reminded attendees to examine the poster presentations. He also announced a brief board meeting to be held on October 20 at 1:30 PM.

Auditing Committee

Merle Shepard stated that the Society’s books have been reviewed and are in excellent shape.


Mike Hood asked for help in locating Cochran Scholarship award winners from the 1980s. He has the society records at the Cherry Farm Lab at Clemson and members are welcome to review them.

Honors and awards Committee

There will be a report at tomorrow’s luncheon.

Nominating Committee

Shepard announced that the candidates for vice-president are Tim Davis and Jeremy Greene. Ballots are available from McWhorter for persons not attending the meeting tomorrow.


Paula Mitchell reviewed proposed changes to the bylaws and constitution to allow voting via Email, Internet, mail, or voice votes at meeting. Major issues like electing officers, expelling members and changes to the constitution or bylaws will still be decided at business meetings. The way of voting for each matter will be determined by the board. The proposed changes to the bylaws and constitution were each approved by voice votes of the membership.

Journal Committee

Mitchell reported that the journal is a year behind, but is catching up quickly. The decrease in submissions is holding up publication. One answer is to publish more symposia. One problem with the journal is visibility. Abstracts are on-line. Google is to start “spidering” so more information from the journal will be available on-line. It is hoped that the journal will go on-line including on-line submission and review. We may also post and publish abstracts from meeting presentations. Another option is to kill the journal altogether.

Long-term Planning Committee

Gerald Garner reviewed the report of the committee. (See attached report) In response to a call to rejuvenate the membership by the committee, John Morse pointed out that amateurs like to see real insects and the society may or may not wish to move in that direction. Bob Ballinger emphasized the importance of recruiting college student members to insure the survival of the society, saying that people tend to stick with the associations they begin with. Morse said that high school students should also be recruited. Jackson recommended representation by students on the board. Carner reminded the membership that the society needs the support of the Clemson faculty to allow students to participate both days of the meeting. Ben? Powell observed that the limited potential for entomological jobs in South Carolina may restrict student participation in the society and that the creation of more jobs would help attract more students. As a result students may choose to be active in regional or national meetings. McWhorter reminded the membership that students used to attend the meeting to practice presentation skills. Mike Hood said that the president of the Clemson Entomology Club is supposed to be an honorary board member.

Jackson told the membership that next year’s meeting could be held at Pee Dee or Sandhills Research and Extension Centers. Francis Reay-Jones volunteered to chair with local arrangements.

Mitchell pointed out that the North Carolina Entomological Society might wish to have a joint meeting. Benson recommended voting on next year’s meeting location at the business meeting tomorrow.

The meeting was adjourned.


Nature Walk



Awards Luncheon

President D. Michael Jackson reconvened a business meeting of the South Carolina Entomological Society begun October 19 on Friday, October 20, 2005 at 1:15 pm. A quorum was present.

Executive Director Randy McWhorter thanked members for coming and announced that Jeremy Greene had been elected vice-president.

Bob Bellinger brought to the attention of the attendees that member Austin Jenkins had an article about dragonflies published in the July/August edition of South Carolina Wildlife.

Eric Benson, chairperson of the program committee, announced that Francis Roy Jones would chair the local arrangements committee next year. He also requested, as the president elect, that there be a brief board meeting following the business meeting. Jeremy Greene, the vice-president, will be the program chair.

Pat Zungoli, chairperson of the awards committee, thanked judges of presentations and posters. Winners of the poster awards were undergraduate Brittany Russ and graduate student Mark Nelder. The non-student presentation award went to Martin Shapiro. Winners of the student presentation awards were high school student Mitchell Worley, undergraduate Maxcy Nolan IV, and graduate student Dustin Swanson.

Zungoli gave a brief profile J.H. Cochran who was from Abbeville County, received a B.S. from Clemson and a M.S. and Ph.D. from Iowa State, served in the Army during WWII, worked for Dupont and then came back to Clemson. He was the first society president and helped establish the South Carolina Pest Control Association. He died in 1969. Graduate students are selected to receive the Cochran award based on his/her academic profile, professional accomplishments, and service to the profession. The recipient this year was Mark Nelder. He is a native of Canada, has a B.S. in biology from Memorial University of New Foundland, and an M.S. from the University of Southern Alabama. He began work on his Ph.D. at Clemson in 2004 and is a teaching assistant in biological science. He has published 10 papers and presented 25. He collaborates with many scientists in many fields.

Resolutions committee chair Paula Mitchell presented a resolution hailing the meeting as a great success.

Jackson thanked the resort staff, Eric Paysen and Eric Benson for their contributions to the meeting. He asked that board members Gerald Carner and Merle Shepard lead vice-president Eric Benson to the podium. He then presented the president’s gavel to Benson.

Benson presented a plaque of appreciation of his service to outgoing president Jackson. He then adjourned the meeting.

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