54th Annual Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2008
Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center
Charleston, South Carolina

Business Meeting
A meeting of the membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at 1:24 pm on October 2, 2008 at the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center near Charleston. A quorum was present.

President, Jeremy Green welcome all to the meeting; Mike Hood gave the invocation. Jeremy Green thanked Program chair, Francis Reay-Jones for the action packed program, the upcoming photo safari and Local Arrangements Committee Merle Shepard and Randy McWhorter for the facilities/arrangements. Sponsors of the meeting: Bayer Crop Science and United Phosphorous contributed $300.

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director Randy McWhorter stated that the Society was in sound financial condition. We grossed more that $25,000 in facial year 2007 which required IRS form 990 to be filed. He suggested that we continue to complete form 990 annually for historical, financial accountability. The completed forms require 5 years of financial data each reconciled with the successive year.

The Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology (JAUE) has undergone some major changes. We have accepted James Austin with BASF in Raleigh, NC as the new editor.  Currently, we have a backlog of 7+ issues (2 volumes) and we are hoping to publish three volumes soon.  The papers have been reviewed and are ready for publication.  We also changed printers from Sheridan to AllenPress.  AllenPress a precursor to BioOne will print the JAUE and present a digital format for BioOne to publish on-line.  We have a 3-year contract with Bio-One to publish online effective January 2009 for Volume 26 (Volumes 24 and 25 to be published by end of 2008).  Bio-One will publish up to 2 years prior thus we are obligated to publish five volumes with Bio-One. 


Committee chair updates:


Committee chair, Merle Shepard reported the Society’s net worth at $88092.33 as of 31 August 2008.  Monies reside with four different companies: BB&T, Southcoast Bank, Tideland Bank, and Vanguard.

The operating account at BB&T with combined SCES, Cochran, and JAUE funds has a balance of $7,511.91 

A money market account at Vanguard also combined SCES, Cochran, and JAUE funds has a balance of $2,443.08.

An investment CD purely Cochran funds is with Southcoast Bank at 4.25% APY with an initial value of $70,000. In addition, there is also a combined SCES, Cochran, and JAUE CD at Tidelands Bank at 4.25% APY with a balance of  $8,137.34 CD.

The separate accounts are valued at:

            Cochran:            2,655.24; CD 70,000

            JAUE:             10,712.29

            SCEC:               4,724.80

            - All interest and dividends earned are credited to the Cochran account

            - Interest and dividends earnings to date for 2008 are $2,463

Honors and awards
JC Chong stated, we have nine student papers in the competition (1 High School, 3 PhD students, and 5 MS students); there are two student posters in the competition; and eight non-student papers.  The Winner of Cochran Awards will be announced at the awards luncheon.

Local Arrangements
Merle Shepard and Randy McWhorter, none

Long range planning
Bob Bellenger, none

Randy McWhorter stated, in 2001, we had 164 members; in 2008, we have only 84 members.

Eric Benson presented the following: VP/president elect: JC Chong; Historian: Gerry Carner.  A motion to accept the nominees was made and seconded, the motion was passed.

Frances Reay-Jones: none

Paula Mitchell: none at this time

Old business
The minutes from last year's meeting were approved after there were no corrections to the minutes and the motion to accept the minutes was seconded.

There were discussions about joint meetings between SC and NC Entomological Societies and SC and GA Entomological Societies.  The GA Entomology Society is interested in a joint meeting in the fall of 2010.  It was determined that it is SC Entomological Society's turn to host this meeting.  GA Entomological Society's chair for joint committee and Jeremy Green think that a meeting near the GA/SC border would be appropriate.  Dwight Williams motioned for joint GA/SC 2010 hosted by SC, Jerry Carner seconded, and it was approved that SC Entomological Society would host the 2010 joint meeting with GA Entomological Society.  Gerry Carner suggested Hickory Knob (but a large meeting space could be issue) or Clemson (could be expensive, would need to be scheduled for an away or open football weekend).  The potential number of attendees was discussed: from SC, we expect about 30 attendees and from GA, we expect about 60 attendees.  

New business: none

Meeting adjourned @ 1:52 pm.

Closing to Meeting was Friday: 3 October


High School Paper winner: Wickham Flannagan

Student Paper winner: Dustin Swanson

Student Poster winner: Suvdtsetseg Chuluunbat

Non-student Paper: Dave Degenhardt

Student JH Cochrane: Dustin Swanson

JH Cochrane Excellence in Entomology: Merle Shepard 

SC Entomological Society presented $100 to Clemson Entomological Society.

Francis Reay-Jones was escorted by Merle Shepard into presidency; Jeremy Green turned over gavel to Francis.  Jeremy Green was awarded a plaque for service.

Resolution Committee: Paula Mitchell

Whereas, we have just enjoyed a most excellent meeting, therefore let it be resolved: That we thank the staff of the Coastal Research and Education Center and the U.S. Vegetable Laboratory (USDA ARS) with hearty applause

Gerry Carner thanked Mike Hood for his service as historian.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:39 pm

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