55th Annual Meeting Minutes

Sandhills REC Columbia, SC

8 October 2009



Business Meeting

A meeting of the membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at 1:24 pm on 8 October 2009 at the Clemson Sandhills Research and Education Center near Columbia, SC. A quorum was present.


President, Francis Reay-Jones welcomed all to the meeting and introduced Paul 'Mac' Horton, the Sandhills Director.  Paul Horton welcomed the SCES and gave a brief history of the Lake House meeting facility and the accompanying experiment station history.  Mike Hood gave the invocation. Francis Reay-Jones thanked Program chair, Juang-Horng Chong for the action-packed program, the upcoming photo safari and Local Arrangements Committee Chair David Degenhardt for the facilities/arrangements. Sponsors of the meeting: Bayer Crop Science and Syngenta contributed a total of $500.


Francis Reay-Jones changed the schedule and interceded with the Seminar presentation to give the guest speakers more daylight travel time for their return trip.


Francis Reay-Jones called upon committee chairs to give their reports.

Auditing: Merle Shepard

            The S.C. Entomological Society has a net worth of $101,018.49 as of August 31, 2009.  The monies reside with four different companies (BB&T, PayPal, Tidelands Bank and Vanguard).

            Most of the Society's cash is with BB&T. The combined (SCES, Cochran and JAUE) operating accounts at BB&T have a balance of $17,950.06. The PayPal account has a balance of $112.52.

            There is a total of $2,475.19 at Vanguard in a money market account.  This is a combination of Cochran, JAUE and SCES monies.

            The Cochran Endowment is invested in CD's at Tidelands Bank.  It matured in June and was reinvested. We have 2 CD's, $40,000 @ 2.38% for 6 months and $35,000 @ 2.79 for 12 months.

            In addition, there is a $5,480.72 CD at Tidelands Bank earning 2.33% for 12 months.  This is also a combined (SCES, Cochran and JAUE) account.

            The separate accounts are valued at:

                        Cochran           $1,571.49; CD 75,000

                        JAUE              $17,607.84

                        SCES               $ 4,954.49

            All interest and dividends earned are credited to the Cochran account. Interest and dividend earnings to date for 2009 are $3314.14.

            I have examined the books with Randy McWhorter, S. C. Ent. Soc. Executive Director, and have found everything in order.


Honors and Awards: Juang-Horng Chong

I will comment further about honors and awards at the awards luncheon.


Local Arrangements: David Degenhardt

The facilities are compliments of the Sandhills Station. Tonight, there will be a social with dinner, a taco bar served by Salsaritas. The Awards Luncheon will be catered by Little Pigs BBQ.


Nominations: Jeremy Greene

            This year the only elected office under consideration is the VP/President elect. Bob Bellinger is the sole nominee. The vote will be conducted at the final business meeting tomorrow.

            Of special interest Brian Scholtens stated that he could accept the VP/President elect nomination next year, 2011.


Program: Juang-Horng Chong

            JC Chong stated: As, you know we have a symposium on Detection and Regulation of Invasive Insects with two guest speakers. I will lead off with a paper on the Pink Hibiscus Mealybug (PHM) and a recent, 9/9/09 regulatory incident when PHM was found in Little River, SC.

            We have three student papers in the presentation competition; there are two student posters in the competition, and eight non-student papers. 


Executive Director: Randy McWhorter

Randy McWhorter welcomed the members present and acknowledged a new active member, the first to join from South Carolina State University, Rizana M. Mahroof. There are three new student members from Winthrop. Good recruiting Paula Mitchell!


            The recession affects all things even our Society. The massive decrease in both faculty and students of Entomological Science has greatly impacted our membership. We have experienced a decline of 36 members this year from 84 in 2008 to 48 in 2009. Our membership is domestic and dispersed throughout 35 states. We need you to solicit associates to become members. 


The Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology is regaining some ground. We implemented massive changes in 2007 with both a new editor and a new printer but no manuscripts were published for 24 months after Tom Shanower left in May of 2007. The JAUE started 2009 three volumes arrears. We have unleashed a backlog of manuscripts. Six issues, 1.5 volumes have been published since June. James Austin, while serving as the editor, personally recruited 21 manuscripts and because of his efforts we will complete volume 25 and start volume 26 this year. Submissions continue to be our number one problem. We need your help to recruit and publish manuscripts in the JAUE as well as recruit new members into the Society.

            We recently increased the JAUE editor staff to 10 members and expect to see a time reduction in the review process. I believe that we can review, correct and create proofs for most manuscripts within 90 days. The JAUE has also increased its visibility! We signed a 3 year contract with BioOne to publish volumes 26 – 28 online. You, as a member, have ID/password access to this site. Visit BioOne and read or download JAUE articles. We will share revenues with BioOne based on the number of requests the JAUE receives via the BioOne website plus the number of agency subscriptions. Since June there have been 735 visitors to the JAUE site on BioOne.


            The Cochran Scholarship Endowment continues to grow. It has grown by 24.5% or $18,800.00 in my 11 year tenure. We have also awarded $20,000.00 and received $8,965.00 in contributions during this period.


            The SCES/JAUE continues to maintain a 501(c)(3) incorporated status. I completed an IRS form 990EZ for 2008 and our gross receipts were $19,051.55. We filed an IRS form 990n for federal purposes. The 990n is an electronic postcard that states that our gross receipts were under $25,000.00 and maintains communication with the IRA database.

Incorporated Registration

            The South Carolina Secretary of State (SC SOS) requires annual registration and a financial statement. This filing requirement has advanced to a digital web submission and the registration fee has been withdrawn. I used the 2008 IRS form 990EZ to fulfill the SC SOS financial statement requirement. The IRS form 990EZ contains a 5 year reconciled financial accounting of the SCES/JAUE operations.

55th Annual SC Entomological Society Meeting

Closing to Meeting: Friday, 9 October 2009 12:45 pm



JC read biography of JH Cochrane and announced that Holly Tuten was the 2009 Student JH Cochrane scholarship award winner. Francis Reay-Jones presented the plaque and check to Holly.  Al Wheeler, David Boyd, and JC Chong were nominating committee.    


Winners of the 2009 paper and poster competition:

Undergraduate Student Paper winner: Ginger Devinney

Graduate Student Paper winner: S. Bernell Cooke

Student Poster winner: Christopher Slack

Non-student Paper: tie between Rizana M. Mahroof and David C. Degenhardt 


SC Entomological Society presented a check to Clemson Entomological Society.


Francis Reay-Jones acknowledged the meeting sponsors.  Their generous sponsorship went to meals, break food, and drinks.


Unfinished items: Randy McWhorter

Bob Bellinger was elected for Vice President (president elect).  A vote of the membership was taken and Bob was unanimously elected as the 2011 SCES President.


On a pervious board member teleconference, it was recommended that due be raised from $30 to $40 for active member and student and emeritus from $15 to $20; this will be effective in 2011.  Raising dues is necessary to offset charges that would have been made through journal charges to authors.  After discussion, Frances Reay-Jones called a motion to raise dues, which was seconded by Holly Tuten.  A vote was called and it was unanimously accepted for the 2011 dues to be increased as stated in the motion.


Resolution Committee: Paula Mitchell

Whereas, we have just enjoyed an exceptionally good meeting

Therefore let it be resolved: That we thank the president and local arrangements chair with hearty round of applause.


President 2010

JC Chong was escorted by Merle Shepard and Gerry Carner into presidency; Francis Reay-Jones turned over the gavel to JC.  Francis Reay-Jones was awarded a plaque for service.  JC began his presidency with the first official business: he extended the most sincere thanks to Francis for serving as president. 


JC brought up three items of business.  First, the board will hopefully approve a new editor for the journal.  Randy has done tremendous job getting us up to date (applause).  Second, next meeting at Hickory Knob State Park with GA Entomological Society will be 6-8 October 2010.  Jeremy Greene and Bob Bellinger are local arrangements.  Third, the dwindling membership is a concern.  JC will work with membership committee and encourage students to become more active.  Board meeting immediately following @1:15 pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:18 pm

SC Entomological Society Business meeting and Board Meeting was called to order at 1:20 pm on 9 October 2009.


Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology

Merle Shepard and Paula Mitchell searched for new journal editor: they suggested Mike Jackson for editor- he is an extremely focused and dedicated person.  He has extensive number of publications and excellent credentials.  Jeremy moved to close the discussion and called for vote; vote was seconded by JC.  Board voted and Mike Jackson was unanimously accepted as editor of the JAUE.  Randy will visit with Mike at his office to introduce him into the position.  


2010 Meeting

Jeremy Greene and Bob Bellinger will work with GA Entomological Society for local arrangements for the 2010 meeting.  Randy suggested that if we need to go outside Hickory Knob for banquet needs or upgrades for lodging, Savannah Lakes Resorts close by.  GA has fixed format for printing of program therefore we’ll let GA take over this responsibility.  Holly Tuten brought up the student paper/poster competition: SCES will only judge South Carolina students unless we choose to join up with GA to make it a joint state competition.  In past joint meetings, there was a Linnaean Games competition; the student committee will decide if there will be a competition at this meeting.  As with past meetings, there will be a 5k race and golf tournament; Hickory Knob also offers a skeet shooting area, boating, and fishing opportunities. 


2011 Meeting

Our schedule takes us back to the coast and the PeeDee is a potential meeting location.  Randy brought possibility of joint meeting with NC; JC will contact to see if there is interest.  NC Entomological Society always meets in Raleigh.  A committee for 2011 meeting arrangements is needed.  There was discussion about membership attendance at future meetings.  Jeremy Greene brought up the potential to meet somewhere with a polycom system which would allow those who may not be able to travel (due to class schedule, etc.) to attend the meeting.          


It was suggested that we have a conference call in January to discuss the 2011 program, location, and local arrangements.



There was discussion on increasing the membership.  There was discussion of making a SCES flyer to distribute to biological sciences departments to encourage student membership on campuses.  



Other discussions

The Board consists of elected officers and committees members.  Below is the listing and contact information for the 2010 Board, the Committees, and the JAUE positions.


Mike Jackson was welcomed as new editor. 




The meeting was adjourned at 1:52 pm.


SCES/JAUE 2010 positions

Executive Director: Randy McWhorter, 3517 Flowering Oak Way., Mt.
Pleasant, SC 29466; phone 843.856.9411, fax 843.856.9411


President: Juang-Horng Chong , Clemson University, PEE DEE REC,
2200 POCKET RD, FLORENCE, SC 29506; phone 864.662.3526

VP/President Elect: Robert G. Bellinger Clemson University, 107 Long
Hall, Clemson, SC 29634; phone 864.656.5042; fax 864.656.5065

President of Clemson Student Entomology Club: Holly Tuten, Clemson
University, 114 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634; fax 864.656.5065

Past President:Francis Reay-Jones, Clemson University, Pee Dee REC, 2200
Pocket Rd., Florence, SC 29506: phone 843-662-3526 ext. 208 ; fax

Secretary: Laurie Reid, South Carolina Forestry Commission, 5500 Broad
River Road Columbia, SC 29212; Phone: 803.896.8830; Fax: 803.896.8827

Historian: Gerry Carner Clemson University, 318 Long Hall, Clemson, SC
29634; phone 864.656.5040; fax 864.656.5065

Committee Chairs
Auditing: Merle Shepard, Clemson University, Coastal REC, 2700 Savannah
Highway, Charleston, SC 29414: phone 843.402.5393

Honors and Awards: Juang-Horng Chong , Clemson University, Pee Dee REC,
2200 POCKET RD, FLORENCE, SC 29506; phone 864.662.3526

Local Arrangements: Jeremy K. Greene, Clemson University Edisto REC, 64
Research Rd., Blackville, SC 29817; phone 864.284-3343

Long Range Planning: Bob Bellinger, Clemson University,107 Long Hall,
Clemson, SC 29634; phone 864.656.5042; fax 864.656.5065

Membership: Pat Zungoli, Clemson University, 112 Long Hall, Clemson, SC
29634; phone 864.656.3137; fax 864.656.5065

Nomination: Francis Reay-Jones, Clemson University, Pee Dee REC, 2200
Pocket Rd., Florence, SC 29506: phone 843-662-3526 ext. 208 ; fax

Program: Bob Bellinger, Clemson University,107 Long Hall, Clemson, SC
29634; phone 864.656.5042; fax 864.656.5065

Publicity: Francis Reay-Jones, Clemson University, Pee Dee REC, 2200
Pocket Rd., Florence, SC 29506: phone 843-662-3526 ext. 208 ; fax

Resolutions: Paula Mitchell, Winthrop Univ. Biology Dept., Rock Hill,
SC, 29733; fax 803-323-3448

JAUE Editorial Staff

Editor: D. Michael Jackson, USDA-ARS, US Vegetable Laboratory, Charleston, SC 29414

Subject Editors:
D. Scott Akin, University Arkansas, Southeast REC, 1408 Scogin Drive /
P.O. Box 3508, Monticello, AR 71656

Steven P. Arthurs, University of Florida, IFAS MREC, 2725 Binion Road,
Apopka FL 32703

J. W. Austin, BASF Corporation, 26 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC 27709

Jeremy Greene , Clemson University Edisto REC, 64 Research Rd.,
Blackville, SC 29817

Xing Ping Hu, 203 Extension Hall, Urban Entomology, Auburn University,
Auburn, AL 36849

Fangneng Huang, 404 Life Sciences Building, Department of Entomology,
Louisiana State University AgCenter, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

J.W. McCreadie, Dept. of Biological Sciences, LSB 124, Univ. of South
Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

C. E. Sorenson, Dept. of Entomology, North Carolina State Univ.,
Research Annex - West A, Campus Box 7630, Raleigh, NC 27695.

David Weaver, Department of Entomology, 333 Leon Johnson Hall, P.O. Box
173020, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-3020

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