56th Annual Meeting Minutes

Sixth Joint Meeting of the SCES and GES

Hickory Knob State Park, McCormick, SC

October 6-8, 2010

Final Business Meeting:

A meeting of the membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at 12:05 PM on October 2010 at the Hickory Knob State Park, McCormick, SC with the presence of a quorum.

Call to order: President, Juang-Horng 'JC' Chong called the meeting to order

Approval of minutes: The October 8th, 2009 meeting minutes were approved


Below are several highlights of the remarks/comments made by President, Juang-Horng 'JC' Chong

1.Thanked Program Chair Bob Bellinger for the action packed program, golf tournament, and 'bug run'.

2. Thanked Jeremy Greene, Chair for local arrangement for Social hour activities, luncheon, facilities and other arrangements.

3. SCES won the golf tournament against GES

4. Suggested to form a committee to resolve the status of the journal

5. Announced that the next yearŐs (2011) meeting tentatively set for Thursday-Friday October 6-7th, 2011 at the Belle W. Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science, North Pawleys Island in Georgetown.

6. Mentioned that the rent for the facility for 2011 meeting will be USD 100.00.  Arrangements will made for tours, insects safari and collection.

7. Requested a motion to approve the site for the next meeting.  The venue for 2011 meeting was approved.  

8. Thanked the student participants.

9. Announced that the Executive Director of the SCES, Randy McWhorter has resigned.  The society needs a suitable replacement.

10. Acknowledged the excellent service of McWhorter to the society with a hearty round of applause.

11. Eric Benson mentioned that the necessity for the society to recognize McWhorterŐs service by honoring him with a plaque and a USD 200.00 monitory award by the society. 

12. Thanked past Secretary Laurie Reid for her services to the society

Honors and Awards:

JC Chong announced the JH Cochrane Scholarship recipient for 2010 was Kevin Hinson from Clemson University.  JC presented the plaque and check in absentia and as the supervisor of Hinson JC accepted the plaque and check.

Winners of the 2010 paper and poster competition

Student Presentations:

High School student presentation winner: None awarded (no participants)

Undergraduate student paper winner: Sarah Johnson, Winthrop University

Graduate Student Presentation winner: Hamilton Allen, Clemson University

Student Poster winner : Kseniya Korneva D. W. Daniel High School

Non-student Presentation:

First place: Alvin Simmons, USDA ARS-vegetable Research laboratory, Charleston, SC

Second Place: Rizana Mahroof, department of Biological Sciences, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC

SCES 2011 Positions:

The board consists of elected officers and committee members.  An election was conducted during the annual meeting to select VP and the Secretary.  Board voted unanimously following as officers

VP: Brian Scholtens 19/19

Secretary: Rizana Mahroof 18/18



Executive Director: Of special interest Dr. Merle Shepard stated that he could accept some responsibilities of the Executive Director. The tasks of website maintenance needed to be taken by someone else.  Ms. Rachel Rowe's name was suggested.

President: Robert G. Bellinger, Clemson University, 107 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634; Phone 864 656 5042; Fax 864 656 5065

VP/President Elect: Brian Scholtens, Department of Biology, College of Charleston, Charleston SC 29424; email scholtensb@cofc.edu

 Past President: Juang–Horng Chong, Clemson University, PEE DEE REC, 2200 pocket Road Florence, SC 29506; phone 864 662 3526

President Clemson University Student Entomology Club: Zach Burington, Clemson University, 114 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634; Fax 864 656 5065

Secretary: Rizana Mahroof department of Biological Sciences, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC 299177; Phone 803 747 9534; Fax 803 516 4685



Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology:

JC suggested for all alternatives to current publication format for the journal to be considered.  A call for vote to determine what alternative direction to adopt for the future issues of JAUE was done.

Outcome of the election

1.    Be continued in its format = 0 votes

2.    Be discontinued = 1 vote

3.    Reformat to a thin-issue = 3 votes

4.    Reformat to a biannual journal = 1 vote

5.    Reformat to an digital, online publication = 14 votes


1. Bob will decide on a committee to further work on the new alternative format of the future issues of the journal, which will be an online publication.

2. Francis presented that how to proceed with online publication.  The manuscript can be converted to decent-looking papers easily using software such as Microsoft Publisher and the papers can be published online.  Although the tables are bit trickier to convert, the text can be converted easily.

3. Francis mentioned that it is good to have a source of income to the society and if JAUE can be online and being BioOne, the journal it can generate some income.


President 2011:

 Robert G. Bellinger was escorted by Mike Jackson and Eric Benson into presidency, JC Chong turned over the gavel to Bob Bellinger.  JC Chong was awarded a plaque for the services.  Bob began his presidency with the first official business by extending his most sincere thanks to JC Chong for serving as 2010 President.  Bob thanked meeting participants and wished safe travel back home.


Announcements: No announcements


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 12:56 PM  


Respectfully submitted by

Rizana M. Mahroof

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