Fifty Eight Annual Closing Meeting Minutes

Fifty Eight Annual Meeting of the SCES and Sixth GES-SCES Joint Meeting

Lake House, Sandhill REC, Columbia, SC

October 11-12, 2012

Opening Meeting:

A meeting of the membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at 1:56 PM on October 11th, 2012 at the lake House. Sandhill REC, Columbia, SC with the presence of a quorum.

Call to order: President Brian Scholten called the meeting to order

In attendance: Brian Scholten, JC Chong, Pat Zungoli, Bob Bellinger, Al Wheeler, Gerry Garner, Ernesto Robayo, Grant Pilkay, Randy McWhorter, Eric Benson, Paula Mitchell


Š      Approval of minutes: minutes from June 28th 2011 and October 6-7th 2011 meeting minutes were approved and accepted unanimously.


Š      Paula Mitchell mentioned that we do not need a new dissolution clause. By-law has changed from ‘religious’ to ‘non-religious’ organization on dissolution clause.

Motion was passed by Gerry Garner and Seconded by Bob Bellinger


Š      By-law and constitution changes:

Brian thanked Paula for her hard work on By-law and constitution changes.  A new Treasurer position was created and corresponding changes in by-laws and constitution were discussed. President Brian Scholten summarized the ‘potential changes to by-laws and constitution’ statement, and opened the floor for comments.

Board has approved the changes in by-laws and constitution.

Vote: Approved bylaw and constitution changes unanimously.

Below are several highlights or remarks made by President, Brian Scholten

Š      Randy McWhorter raised the question of what constitute ‘quorum’ and Brian answered saying that 2/3 for Board and majority of meeting attendants needed for approval.

Š      Eric Benson asked when will the new Treasurer’s term begin and Brian stated that Treasurers serving term begins at the end of final business meeting. He further mentioned that someone already agree to serve.

Š      Thanked Program Chair Dr. Pat Zungoli for organizing the program and local arrangement

Š       No other comments and question.

Š      Announcement was made that final business meeting and paper presentations will take place tomorrow.

Š      Meeting adjourned at 2:06pm and headed to Congaree National Park.


Final Business Meeting:

A meeting of the membership of the South Carolina Entomological Society was held at 12:30 PM on October 12th, 2012 with the presence of a quorum.

Call to order: President, Brian Scholten called the meeting to order

In Attendance: Brian Scholten, JC Chong, Bob Bellinger, Pat Zungoli, Randy McWhorter, Jeremy Greene, Hamilton Allen, Nick Seiter, Levi Curnette, Ernesto Robayo, Sam Turnipseed, Grant Pilkay, Paula Mitchell, Gerry Garner, Laurie Reid, Mike Jackson, Eric Benson, Debbie Brown

Following Items were Discussed

Š      Thanked Paula for her works in wording the bylaw and constitution changes.

Š      Thanked Randy and Pat for putting the meeting together and local arrangement.

Š      Members were asked to help to put together a ’friends’ list by gathering emails of colleagues and friends who are interested in entomology in SC. A request was made to fill out the list before leaving from the meeting or send the names to Brian.  Names will be forwarded to Randy to add to the email list.

Š      Venue for next year’s meeting was discussed and concluded that it will be in Up-State, SC. Bob Bellinger and Pat Zungoli will work on the next meeting which will be the 60th meeting of the SCES and joint meeting with GES.

Status of the Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology:

Dr. Mike Jackson described the status of the journal and it is summarized below

Year submitted



In review

















Š      Most submissions received were from overseas and perhaps 1/3 of the submissions were from SC.

Š      Publications from year 2010 and 2011 were combined into one volume to draw near on schedule.

Š      Page charge is $55/page and the issues are all online.  Reducing or eliminating page charges need to be revisited in the future

SC Entomological Society’s Audit Report:

Dr. Merle Shepard provided the audit report and described the following. 

The S.C. Entomological Society has a networth of $102,942.79 as of August 31, 2012.  The moneys reside with three different companies BB&T, PayPal, and Tidelands Bank.  The operating funds are 2 BB&T checking accounts. The Cochran Endowment is invested at Tidelands Bank: 2 CD’s & 1 Savings acct. The JAUE funds are in a savings account at Tidelands Bank.

The separate accounts are valued at:

Cochran           -  $81,967.38

JAUE              -  $17,408.01

SCES               -  $  3,567.40


All interest/dividends earned are credited to the Cochran account. Interest and dividend earnings for 2012 are $495.80.  Further, Dr. Shepard mentioned that he has examined the books on October 8th 2012 with Randy McWhorter, the Executive Director for SCES, and have found everything is in order.

Executive Director’s Report


The SC Entomological Society has a net worth of $102942.79 as of August 31, 2012. I defer to the Auditor’s report for details.


We have seen membership numbers decline from 78 in 2007 to the low 40’s during 8,9 10 to a low of 20 in 2011 but this year, 2012 we are up to 38.


The SCES/JAUE continues to maintain a 501(c)(3) incorporated status. An IRS form 990EZ was completed for 2011 and our gross receipts were $19271.98. The IRS form 990EZ contains a 5 year reconciled financial accounting of the SCES/JAUE operations. Although an IRS 990n, an electronic contact information form, was the only IRS/Federal requirement to be filed because our gross receipts were under $50,000.00, a new increased income limit for required filing.


The South Carolina Secretary of State (SC SOS) requires annual registration and a financial statement. This filing requirement has advanced to become a digital web submission and the registration fee has been withdrawn for charity organizations. The SCES 2011 IRS form 990EZ fulfills the SC SOS financial statement requirement.


Honors and Awards:

This sub-committee was chaired by Dr. JC Chong and following were discussed.

Thanked judges Al Wheeler, Bob Bellinger, Paula Mitchell, Laurie Reid, Sam Turnipseed, Brian Scholten for evaluating student paper and poster competitions.

Cochran Scholarship Committee was represented by JC Chong, Bob Bellinger, Pat Zungoli

Year 2012 Cochran Scholarship recipient is Nick Seiter

Winners of the 2011 paper and poster competition

Student Presentations:

Best graduate student paper presentation: Grant Pilkay and Nick Seiter

Best graduate student poster presentation: Ernesto Robayo

Non-student Presentation:

Best non-student paper presentation: Jeremy Greene, Clemson University

SCES 2013 Positions:

The board consists of elected officers and committee members.  A nomination was called and an election was conducted during the annual business meeting to select the Vice President.  Members voted unanimously Laurie Reid as VP and Randy McWhorter as Treasurer

Other Business Discussed:

Š      Eric Benson mentioned that Entomology faculty is dwindling at Clemson and requested the members to be mindful of ways to promote the importance and relevance of entomology to the legislature and the Board of Trustee.

Š      Pat described that current undergraduate students in agribusiness are the best among the college and the trustees are taking notice.  Spared the word to constituents about the importance and input from entomology to politicians and that we need to keep the momentum going.

Š      Sam Turnipseed was mentioned as an important contact.

Š      Pat further mentioned that the Clemson Entomology is nearing to 125 years and need to be celebrated.


President of 2012/2013:

Pat Zungoli was escorted by Paula and Bob into presidency, Brian Scholtens turned over the gavel to Pat Zungoli.  Pat began his presidency with the first official business by extending his most sincere thanks to Brian Scholtens for serving as 2012 President and presented him with a ceremonial plaque. 

Š      Pat announced that the next year’s (2013) meeting tentatively set at Kresge Hall near the main campus as a first option or McCormick as a second option.

Š      Jeremy: Green suggested date for next year meeting and will be on October 3-4th 2013.

Š      Eric Benson volunteered to be the local arrangement chair.



Below is the listing and contact details for the 2013 Board.

Executive Director: Of special interest Dr. Randy McWhorter.

1.     President: Patricia Zungoli, Clemson University, 107 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634; Phone 864 656 3137; Fax 864 656 5065; Email

2.     VP/President Elect: Laurie Reid,

3.     Past President: Brian Scholtens, Department of Biology, College of Charleston, Charleston SC 29424; Phone 843 953 8081; Fax 843 953 5453; Email

4.     Secretary: Rizana Mahroof department of Biological Sciences, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC 299177; Phone 803 747 9534; Fax 803 516 4685; Email

5.     Treasure: Dr. Randy McWhorter.

6.     Historian: Gerry Carner, Clemson University, 318 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634 Phone 864 656 5040; Fax 803 284 3684; Email

Motion to adjourn was passed by Brian Scholtens and seconded by Gerry Garner

Announcements: No announcements

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Pat Zungoli at 1:11 PM  


Respectfully submitted by

Rizana M. Mahroof , SCSU, 2012