SCES J. H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship By-Laws


At the 1993 annual meeting, the attending membership adopted bylaws governing the selection of the awardee for the J.H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship. These bylaws perserved the historical precedent of selecting the outstanding graduate student in the Department of Entomology at Clemson University based on scholarship and service to the Department. Since its establishment in 1970, the award has been given annually to a deserving Clemson graduate student. In 1990 the value of the award was increased to $1000.

For nearly a decade the South Carolina Entomological Society (SCES) has responded to the expanding scope of entomology by encouraging more comprehensive participation in its activities. The SCES committee structures, the editorial board for the Journal of Agricultural Entomology,the inclusion of amateur and professional insect naturalists, and the appreciation of relevant contributions to the study of entomology at sister institutions in our state, incorporately reflect a vision appropriate to our changing conception of entomology's universal role in our lives.

At the 1994 annual meting, the attending membership adopted proposed changes to the bylaws. The proposed changes recognized that outstanding graduate student contributions to entomology in South Carolina may be for service or study other than within the Department of Entomology.


Nominations for the J.H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship are open to qualified graduate students who have maintained membership in the South Carolina Entomological Society for any portion of the year preceding the Society's annual meeting. Qualifying status is based on enrollment at any graduate institution in South Carolina within the year prior to the annual meeting, or on engagement by a graduate student in independent entomological research of direct benefit to the welfare of the state of South Carolina, its citizens, industries or environment.

Nomination must be made in writing by any full or emeritus member of the South Carolina Entomological Society. A single letter citing evidence of outstanding achievement and service plus supporting documentation shall constitute a complete nomination package. Supporting documentation shall consist of a student resumé not exceeding three (3) pages in length and a summary of completed graduate coursework with graduate GPR. The selection committee may solicit supplementary information if necessary.

Selection shall be based on service to the student's department, university, affiliate institutions, or to the people of South Carolina, as well as on high scholastic and professional achievements.

The selection committee shall consist of three members of the South Carolina Entomological Society, one of whom is the current Chair of the SCES Honors and Awards Committee. The Chair shall be responsible for choosing the two additional members, each of whom shall serve no more than three years.

Solicitation of nominations shall be made by a mailing issued simultaneously with the call for papers for the annual meeting. The procedure, qualification criteria, and format for nominations shall be addressed in detail in the announcement. The deadline for receipt of all nominations shall not be less than one month preceding the annual meeting. The Honors and Awards Committee Chair shall distribute nomination packets to each member of the committee for consideration.

Selection shall be made by the committee, at a called meeting following the distribution of nomination materials to committee members. The name of the recipient shall be held in confidence, with the exceptions below, until the SCES Annual Meeting.

The major advisor of the recipient shall be notified as soon as a recipient has been chosen. It shall be the responsibility of the major advisor to ensure that the recipient attends the SCES Annual Meeting and is encouraged to give a paper.

The Chair shall notify, in writing, the Secretary-Treasurer of the SCES (copy to the President of the SCES) as to the recipient. The Secretary-Treasurer shall draft a check to the recipient in the amount of $1000. The chair shall be responsible for arranging a certificate with the recipient's name and the inscription "J.H. Cochran Memorial Scholarship for the Outstanding Graduate Student in Entomology, (date)." The President, SCES, shall write a congratulatory letter to the recipient, copied to the student's Department Head and nominator.

The Chair shall present the certificate and the check to the recipient at the forthcoming SCES Annual Meeting.

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